Saturday, December 3, 2011


Released by Miss TV Girl

Last nights episode of "Supernatural" was  great, to be honest this season has been pretty good , but I am having a real problem with the Winchester brothers losing everything near and dear to them.  "Supernatural" has always been about family and the bond  between that ties you together no matter what the circumstance. Over the past seven seasons we  have seen that bond extend outside of Sam and Dean to include Bobby, Castiel, Joe, Ellen and Rufus.

Now I must confess that I  am still reeling from Castiel's(Misha Collins) presumed death  at the start of the season.  I found it a very unnecessary move in order to push the storyline ahead, but I do understand that these things sometime happen with fan faves, so I wiped away my tears and instantly started to pray that he would return eventually.  However, if the powers that be have decided to kill off Bobby(Jim Beavers) I will be at a complete  lost of words. This is so unnecessary, the brothers have been stripped of everything , I mean when Sam told Dean" we need to prepare in case Bobby dies" and Dean said "no, we have lost enough", I totally agreed, Dean is practically living out of a bottle, trying to deal with the lost of only friend Castiel , Sam is wrestling with Luficer  inside in his head and now you want for them both to add Bobby's death to mix.

I love "Supernatural" it is truly my favorite show to watch, but this season has been a little depressing and somewhat dark for me.  I know that might sound crazy its not like "Supernatural" is where you go for laugh, but Sam and Dean have both been in such dark places this season and I see no reprieve in sight even if Bobby survives.    I guess I am  just use to one of the brothers always being in control and strong er when the other one couldn't be, but this season the two of them have seemed so damaged and defeated.

I will never give up on "Supernatural", hey I am the girl(nerd) who watches reruns  of previous seasons during the summer hiatus.  I just want the brothers to get a break.

Did I mention this is only  season the big bad thing their  fighting ( 'Leviathans') can't be killed? 

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