Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Release by Miss TV Girl

 "Parenthood" aired its season finale last week, and I am already missing my Braverman clan and with the uncertainty of this magnificent series being renewed  for a fourth season my withdrawal is borderline unbearable.  "Parenthood" debuted back in March of 2009 as a mid-season replacement series and I was hooked from day one.  To be honest, shows like this is reason why I love television, its also the reason why I  am so disappointed with television.  Its like I get so excited and invested when a series like this one comes along, to only have it pulled from the schedule or moved around so much the avid fan can barely find it from week to week. I can't for the life of me understand why a show like "Parenthood"  with such a superb writing staff and cast that knocks it out of the box every week has struggled  almost from day to find an audience.

When you look at the ratings success of the drama filled over the top reality shows on Bravo and MTV(you know who you are) become hits and shows like Parenthood struggle its very disheartening and says a lot about where we are as a viewing audience.I think its a shame when NeNe Leakes and Camille Grammer are household names and Monica Potter  and Mae Whitman are borderline anonymous.  

OK, enough with my complaining, now lets get back to why I originally started to write this blog.  I found this wonderful Landon Pigg video on line featuring the wonderful cast of "Parenthood" minus Monica Potter and Joy Bryant.  Its like the universe heard my cries and sent me this little gem, I hope the universe hears my cries and pleas again  and renews my favorite series for a fourth season.

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