Monday, February 8, 2010


Released by Miss TV Girl

Tonight is the season finale of one of my favorite shows"Heroes". Unlike a lot of people who decided to abandon the show I have stayed faithful and committed and I am so happy , because Heroes is a great show that delivers week after week.

Now don't get me wrong , there are certain aspects of "Heroes" that make me want to scream out WHY?( Nathan's death ) but all and all this show continues to entertain and surprise the audience.

I really hope that this is just the season finale and not series finale, but if so it has been a great ride.

Check out the below clip for tonight's season finale.

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  1. Heroes has really gone downhill and i've watched since the beginning. there was a tremendous amount of potential with the show and it has just been ruined. the show made a TERRIBLE mistake trying to center the show around Claire. she just is not strong enough as a lead character and her acting skills leave much to be desired. her attempts to be "tough" are LAUGHABLE and she doesn't have a true power. Heroes should focus on Peter, Sylar and Nathan (oh,they killed him, whose bright idea was that? can he be brought back, please?) Claire should still be part of the show, as i like HRG and unfortunately, she's a major part of his life. although, did he just forget he had a son?...does anyone really CARE about Claire’s quest for a normal life? and don't get me started on Ali Larter's character, Nikki, Tracy, whatever her name is....why is she still on the show? she's never in any episodes and the only time i was happy to see her is when she rescued HRG during the season finale. still, i find it hard to completely abandon the show, so i’m going to watch the first three to five episodes next season and if the show is centered around Claire, then i’ll be happy to give ratings to ANOTHER PROGRAM.