Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Released by Miss TV Girl

The series finale of 'Justified' was simply brillant.  This show gets better and better with each episode.  The writing and the direction of the show is simply flawless. 

In a couple of weeks I will post my Emmy dream list and you can be sure to see Timothy Olyphant's name front and center.  I knew while watching "Damages" that this man deserved his own show.   He plays Rayland so effortless that you forget that you are watching a performance.  There is never a false moment when he is on the screen. 

I must also give special recognition to the exceptionally talented and gifted actor Walter Goggins.  Ok, I understand that naming him my performer of the Month should be enough, but its not. Honestly,  I had never seen Goggins until "Justified" and I thank God that he has been in my life for the past 13 weeks.

I can't remember the last time I have been so impressed and moved by the single performance of an actor.  I could literally watch him read the paper.  He really deserves an Emmy for this performance.

The Miss TV Girl happy dance was in full effect when F/X  announced a few weeks ago that Goggins had been promoted to series regular.  It will be very interesting next to see if Boyd Crowder will stay on the righteous path or if he will backslide into his old ways. 

I am honestly hoping for a little of bit of both, like we saw in the season finale.

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