Thursday, July 7, 2011


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 Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

 OK, it looks like "Big Brother 13" is off to good start.  I usually hate the games where you are forced to pair with a stranger,  just imagine having a strategy to get to the final three all mapped out  and the powers that be throw a wrench into your plan with a forced pairing, I would be livid.  I still believe that you can apply my  rules and get very far in the game, its just a little bit harder. But, I think that I am going to like this twist, due to the return of  the  past "Dynamic Duos".  Speaking of the past "Dynamic Duos", Rachel won  the Head of Household

The returning house are

Rachel and Brendan: I am so not looking forward to a another season of Rachel's laugh, I have to admit the two did play and interesting game during their season, but their downfall was not following Rule #2

Jeff and Jordan: All I can say is Jordan is the luckiest player in "Big Brother" history and not following Rule #2 helped her win the season.  Jeff, however lost because he ignored Rule #2.

Dick and Danielle:  I am not really interested in seeing these two go very far together, but they were very good during their season.  Evil Dick is a lot of personality handle and watching Danielle look like she is scared to death of him is very uncomfortable.

Big Brother also decided to throw a another twist in the game.  When you are nominated for eviction this summer and you survive the chopping block, you will receive the "Big Brother Golden Key", which guarantees you a spot in the Top 10.  Anyone who survives eviction cannot be nominated  or participate in any competitions until only 10 people remain in the house. So, being on the chopping block doesn't have to be a bad thing this season, if you can secure the votes.

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