Thursday, February 2, 2012


For those of you who are still watching "Glee" check out the below clip of Ricky Martin's performance of  LMFAO's"Sexy and I Know It".  I am no longer watching "Glee", I decided to bail after the 4th episode this season, and I haven't thought twice are regretted that decision one bit.  A sticking point for me was the constant recycling of storylines and  the inability to highlight any type of growth of self awareness in regards to any of the characters other than Kurt. 

I was actually excited when the rumors started up about Rachel, Kurt, Finn and possibly more of the Glee club originals graduating and exiting the series, I thought that would allow a much needed reboot, especially with the whole new slew of writers, but that hope was soon crushed and we were back to the same, quite frankly borefest. 

However, I will return for the awesomely handsome and talented Jonathan Groff and who knows maybe I will be surprised and return to McKinley High.

So for those of you still committed to the "Glee" experience enjoy the clip and watch the episode Tuesday, 2/7

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