Monday, October 12, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

I just finished watching the first 3 episodes of “Modern Family” and it was great.  Thank You, ABC and the writers for getting this one so right.

“Modern Family, from creators/executive producers Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan. Told in a mockumentary style this funny series follows the lives of three diverse families living in suburban America

 There is Jay (played wonderfully by Ed O’Neil), an older man who has taken a younger bride Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and become a not so enthusiastic stepfather to her young and intelligent son Manny (Rico Rodriguez)

The traditional nuclear family in this trio is led by Phil(Ty Burrell) who is not the cool father he so believes himself to be, and Claire(Julie Bowen)  his wife  who is just trying to keeping her family, which in includes three kids with vastly different personalities and who challenge her constantly. I think Ty Burrell had the best scenes from all three episodes(the airplane in face, the high school musical dance,BB pellet gun incident), I  could really go on and on.

Finally, there’s gay couple Mitchell (superbly played Jesse Tyler Ferguson) Cameron (Eric Stonesreet) who have just returned from Vietnam with an adopted baby girl Lily. I am so looking forward to seeing these two vastly different men who love each other raise this little girl. Eric Stonestreet is quite the scene stealer (cue the soundtrack to ‘the Lion King”), that was hilarious.

The show has really done everything right; the cast is the real treat, with every actor perfectly cast in their roles.  I really hope that the audience for “Modern Family” continues to grow because I would truly hate to see this one go away.   

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