Thursday, October 1, 2009


Released by Allison Waldman/TV Squad

You know, a few weeks ago when Sarah Brown blithely tweeted that she was leaving General Hospital, acting all la-di-da about losing a job, it should have been a tip-off that she had something cooking somewhere else. Today we learned what that something else is. Sarah Brown is joining The Bold and the Beautiful on November 6. Talk about a cushy landing! Oh, and her last day on GH is November 5, so there's no time for daytime fans to miss her.

The latter situation is quite unusual for daytime. But ABC agreed to release Brown from her contract early so she could make the swift transition. B&B executive producer Bradley Bell was thrilled and surprised. "I was stunned. It was something really very human and very big of them," he said.

On B&B, Sarah's going to be a good girl, at least initially. She'll be playing Sandy Sommers, a new character on the canvas. Sandy is described as "goodhearted," which is the anti-thesis of her GH viper, Claudia Zacchara. Claudia is a mob princess who has ordered lethal hits on her enemies. It's still to be determined if Claudia will simply be written off with a move away from Port Charles or if GH head writer will have Claudia rubbed out as retribution for her evil doings?

Sandy, on the other hand, is not a murderess... at least not yet. She's going to be a player, though, getting in the middle of happily married Nick and Bridget. She's also going to get involved with Whip, played by Brown's former GH costar Rick Hearst. Sounds like fun!

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