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Several woman have played the gun-toting assassin Nikita: first, Anne Parillaud in the original 1990 French film, then Bridget Fonda (as "Nina") in the 1993 American remake, 'Point of No Return' and now Hong Kong star Maggie Q., who is stepping into Nikita's deadly shoes for the new CW series which debuts tonight (9PM ET).

But the actress who embodied Nikita for the longest time remains Peta Wilson, star of the '90s series 'La Femme Nikita.'

'Nikita,' which was made in Canada and aired on the USA network, debuted in 1997 -- the same year as another series inspired by a movie about an ass-kicking babe, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Wilson, along with Sarah Michelle Gellar, ruled the Internet: Beautiful blondes in love with brooding hunks? Who also kick ass? What wasn't to love?

With the new 'Nikita' debuting September 9, we thought we'd check in on what the old Section One crew has been doing since running their final mission in 2001.

Peta WilsonPeta Wilson
Then: Wilson was a model in her native Australia and in Europe before she moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to study acting. She scored small roles in films, but her big break was beating out 200 other would-be Nikitas for the role of the beautiful spy who works for the ultra-secret Section One and falls for emotionally unavailable fellow spy Michael.
Now: Since bidding farewell to Nikita, she played vampire Mina Harker in 2003's 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman' and had a small role in 'Superman Returns' in 2006. She's slated to star in the upcoming 'Hellraiser: Revelations.'

Roy DupuisRoy Dupuis
Then: A superstar in Canada (especially among the French-speaking) thanks to several early '90s television roles and the 1991 film 'Being at Home With Claude.' He was introduced to American audiences with a supporting part in the 1995 sci-fi flick 'Screamers,' opposite Peter Weller. In '97, Dupuis landed the role of brooding Michael Samuelle, who had lost his first wife and was then forced to marry a terrorist's daughter as part of his undercover work. And you thought your romance had obstacles!
Now: Dupuis has continued to act steadily, portraying Canadian hockey legend Maurice Richard in the 2005 film 'The Rocket,' which earned him a Genie Award, Canada's equivalent of the Oscar. He also starred in 'Shake Hands With the Devil,' based on a UN official's experience during the Rwandan Genocide. He can currently be seen in the acclaimed French film 'Mesrine: Killer Instinct' as a prison associate of the legendary criminal, played by Vincent Cassel.

Alberta WatsonAlberta Watson
Then: Watson has specialized in playing intimidating authority figures, like the fearsome Madeline, who ran Section One with an iron fist and didn't approve of Nikita's emotional tendencies, especially her romance with Michael. Before that, Watson was best known for the movie 'Spanking the Monkey' as a bed-ridden mother who falls into an incestuous affair with her adult son (Jeremy Davies), a controversial role that both Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange reportedly turned down. She played a much softer role, that of a grieving mother, in Atom Egoyan's 'The Sweet Hereafter.' During 'Nikita's' second season, Watson underwent chemotherapy for lymphoma, which caused her to lose her hair; she wore wigs until her own hair grew back.
Now: Watson's most high-profile post-'Nikita' jobs include playing CTU director Erin Driscoll (the one with the schizophrenic daughter) for the fourth season of '24' and a supporting role in the Canadian series 'The Border' as the Minister of Public Safety. She also played Hansel's mom in 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch.'

Eugene GlazerEugene Robert Glazer
Then: The enigmatic "Operations" was a formidable boss and frequent enemy to Nikita (and occasional lover to equally ice-cold Madeline.) But he showed he had a heart when he died trying to save Michael's son. Trivia: Glazer's real-life wife, Zenia Gratsos, appeared as Renee in the episode 'Hand to Hand.'
Now: Glazer appeared in Season 2 of '24' as Alexander Trepkos, who tried to start a war between the United States and three unnamed Middle Eastern nations in order to drive up oil prices. He's also guested on 'Charmed,' 'CSI: NY' and 'Cold Case.'

Matthew FergusonMatthew Ferguson
Then: Ferguson starred as Seymour Birkoff, Section One's resident computer genius. As the head of Communications, he supervised all missions in progress. He created a highly advanced artificial intelligence program to take his place, but once it became self-aware, sacrificed himself to stop it. Pre-'Nikita,' Ferguson earned several Genie Award nominations for roles in the films 'Love and Human Remains,' 'Eclipse' and 'Lilies.' He also had a small role in 'The English Patient.'
Now: Ferguson appeared in 'Earth: Final Conflict' in 2001, the Canadian sitcom 'An American in Canada' and the Philip Seymour Hoffman film 'Owning Mahowny.'

Don FrancksDon Francks
Then: Francks played the bandanna-ed Walter, the guy who supplied gadgets and weapons for Nikita's missions. One of Nikita's closest allies, he helped her conceal her relationship with Michael.His resume includes a turn opposite Fred Astaire in the 1968 musical 'Finian's Rainbow' and appearances on such seminal spy series as 'Mission: Impossible' and 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Films roles include 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Johnny Mnemonic.'
Now: The actor is described on Wikipedia as a "a drummer, poet, native nations champion, motorcyclist, author and peace activist," and is an honorary Cree under the name Iron Buffalo. He played "Hobo Joe" in 2007's Bob Dylan biopic 'I'm Not There,' and provided the voice of "Skunk" in in the Gene Simmons' animated series 'My Dad the Rock Star.' (He had provided the voice of Boba Fett in the infamous 'Star Wars Holiday Special' and Sabretooth in the '90s X-Men animated series.)

Carlo Rota
Then: A man of many names, he was known as Mick Schtoppel for the first four seasons, then as the mysterious, all-powerful Mr. Jones, but was really an actor hired as a decoy by the real Mr. Jones.
Now: Rota joined '24' for three seasons as Chloe O'Brian's British ex-husband Morris, a one-time MI-6 agent who returned to CTU during the events of Day 5. He also guested on 'White Collar,' 'SGU Stargate Universe' and 'Castle.' Since 2007, he has starred as Yasir on the CBC series 'Little Mosque on the Prairie,' a sitcom about a Muslim community in Canada.

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