Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Released Miss TV Girl

Brian Frons, president of Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group announced today that Garin Wolf has been named head writer of  one the few remaining daytime dramas "General Hospital.  Now a girl can only hope and dream that this will improve the soap.  I have watched "General Hospital" pretty much my whole life with few complaints, but I am so ready to bail right now. The soap has become so repetitive in its storytelling and I so hate this whole Brenda storyline.  Now, I will be honest I never watched the Brenda  and Sonny years, so I was not invested nor moved by the pending reunion of the two, however I was excited to finally see this couple I had heard so much about together again.

In one word I was completely "Disappointed".  I know this might sound a little insane considering I am talking about a soap opera, but that Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo is a little over the top in the acting category.

 At this point I am only tuning in for the Jason and Carly rerelationship, however my devotion to those two characters is wavering with each day that passes.

I really hope the first thing on Garin Wolf's agenda is to clean house on a lot of unnecessary characters(Olivia, Matt, Lisa, and Sioahan).  I know this will never happen, but if Dante and Kristina could just disappear into oblivion, it would be a great day in the world of Miss TV Girl.

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