Monday, December 14, 2009


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Let me first start out by saying the season finale of Dexter did not disappoint.  I swear my heart was racing from the moment the opening credits started.  This episode was so hard to watch and  I am still a bit horrified by what I saw in the last 5 minutes.  To say the least.

As any fan of Dexter knows someone always dies in the season finale, but with those deaths, there is no residual effect, it is usually a relief for the audience, because Dexter has once again gotten the bad guy.

If you haven't yet seen tonight's season finale episode, do not read another word.

The finale picked up exactly where last week left off with the faceoff between Dexter and Arthur.  I don't think as a viewer we have ever seen an emotionally out of control Dexter before and thank God, because there would be no way to explain how he could be so successful at not getting caught. If this episode showed us anything, it is how important it is for Dexter to follow the code.

After the calm, but intimidating confrontation between Dexter and Arthur at the precinct, we knew that Arthur would pay with his life.  I think Harry said it best when he asked Dexter "Do you have a plan?

Well, by now we all know now that he didn't and in the world of Dexter, that is a big mistake.
                  Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

The Trinity Killer killed Rita and left Harrison sitting in her blood. I never saw this one coming. If just for the fact that Rita and the kids are what helps Dexter feel somewhat normal and whole.  What will happen to Dexter and his family now that she has been murdered? How will Dexter deal with finding his son sitting in his mother's blood in the same way that Harry found Dexter?

When Jennifer Carpenter spoke with TV Guide last week and said that "you will need a therapist after the season finale", boy was she right.

Believe it or not Rita's death wasn't the only big reveal of the night.  Deb found out that the Ice Truck Killer" and Dexter were brothers. Although it seems like this piece of shocking news didn't change her feelings towards Dexter, I do believe next season Deb will start to pay a little bit more attention to Dexter's peculiar behaviour.

 I think Dexter has been picked up for two more season, but I feel this season finale episode was also the start of Deb finally learning that Dexter is a serial killer.  I  don't know about you , but I can not wait for next season.

There are so many questions about how this season ender will affect Dexter.

1.Will  Batista remember he saw Dexter talking with Arthur at the precinct?
2.Will Dexter continue to follow the code?
3.Will Deb become obscessed with finding out why Trinity targeted Dexter?
4. Will Dexter raise all three kids?
5. Will Arthur's family return and discover that Kyle Butler is really Dexter Morgan?
6. Will Quinn back off or will Rita's murder make him more curious about Dexter?

I will stop right now because these types questions are going to drive me insane until September.

My hat off to the writers for giving the fans one of the all time great season enders.

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