Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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 “Men of a Certain Age”, the Ray Romano-Scott Bakula- Andre Braugher new TNT series premiered last night and I hope that I am not speaking to soon, but I love this show already.

The show tells the story of three male friends who have reached that point in life called middle-age.  Romano, who co-created and co-wrote the pilot with Mike Royce, plays Joe, a party supply store owner and father of two teens.  Joe is also not quite ready to admit that his marriage is over, due to his gambling addiction.  We see in the pilot that his gambling addiction will wreck havoc in future episodes.  I was really pleasantly surprised with Romano portrayal.  He goes far beyond anything he showed his fans in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond” The anxiety and angst of Joe, tampered in with self deprecating humor was executed perfectly by Romano.

Scott Bakula co-stars as Terry, a lifelong bachelor and aspiring actor. Terry is essentially an actor, who feels that auditioning for TV-movie jobs are beneath him.  He takes random jobs that he could care less about and sleeps with random women.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this character develops.

Then there’s Andre Braugher who plays Owen, a married father of three.  He sells cars at his father’s dealership, though he doesn’t like the work and is not good at it, he feels and believes that his father will leave everything for him to run in the future. When his father tells him that he is a disappointment and he will not succeed him in the family business and walks away, well let me just that it was heartbreaking watch.

I would truly recommend this show.  “Men of a Certain Age" deals with real life situations told through the lives of three very different life long friends, who you can’t help, but root for in the end.

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