Monday, December 14, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

TNT has required the off-network rights to one of my favorite shows The CW's "Supernatural".  This is a great show that I am highly recommending to people who have not had to pleasure to watch. 

"Supernatural" stars Jared Padalecki(Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles(Dean Winchester), as brothers who hunt demons and other figures of the paranormal.  The show premiered in 2005, and I promise you  have never missed an episode.

This is a show that gets better every year and that is a saying a lot, when it is already great.  There are rumors that this could be the  last season.  I believe the creator(Eric Kripke) has stated publicly that his plans were to always stop the show after 5 years.  I sure hope he changes his mind.

Repeats of the series will air weekdays at 10:00 AM ET beginning with the pilot episode on Monday, January 4.

Subsequent installments will follow in their original broadcast order as follows:
Monday, January 4 - Pilot
Tuesday, January 5 - Wendigo
Wednesday, January 6 - Dead in the Water
Thursday, January 7 - Phantom Traveler
Friday, January 8 - Bloody Mary

Monday, January 11 - Skin
Tuesday, January 12 - Hook Man
Wednesday, January 13 - Bugs
Thursday, January 14 - Home
Friday, January 15 - Asylum

Monday, January 18 - Scarecrow
Tuesday, January 19 - Faith
Wednesday, January 20 - Route 666
Thursday, January 21 - Nightmare
Friday, January 22 - Benders, The

Monday, January 25 - Shadow
Tuesday, January 26 - Hell House
Wednesday, January 27 - Something Wicked
Thursday, January 28 - Provenance
Friday, January 29 - Dead Man's Blood

Also on the books is a special 10-hour marathon on Monday, February 15 featuring some of the show's most memorable episodes:

9:00 AM - Tall Tales
10:00 AM - Hollywood Babylon
11:00 AM - Folsom Prison Blues
12:00 PM - Bad Day at Black Rock
1:00 PM - Mystery Spot
2:00 PM - Monster Movie
3:00 PM - Yellow Fever
4:00 PM - Criss Angel is a Douchebag
5:00 PM - After School Special
6:00 PM - Monster at the End of This Book, The

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