Friday, December 18, 2009


Released by Bob Sassone/TV Squad

Here's an interesting tactic: releasing a DVD set for a show smack dab* in the middle of the first season.

Disney/ABC has announced that they will release FlashForward: Volume 1 on February 26. That's "Volume 1" and not "Season 1," because the season isn't over yet. This release will come a week before the show returns to the network on March 4 to finish out the first season (with the big event that affects the entire world happening on April 10).

Looks like they're trying to get the attention of viewers before the show returns and maybe get people to buy the DVD set so they can get caught up on what has happened so far (and be reminded of what has happened so far - four months is a long time to wait when you have a first season show that isn't a ratings hit). Glee is doing this too, but I can see people buying that.

Couldn't they just have a marathon of the episodes a few days before it comes back? I'm really curious to see how many people will jump at the chance of buying this.

* People don't use the phrase "smack dab" enough.

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