Friday, January 29, 2010


Released by Miss TV Girl

Tonight is the series finale of “Dollhouse” and I must admit that I am very happy that this show is coming to an end.  

 “Dollhouse” was my first experience with the work of the much acclaimed Joss Whedon and honestly speaking I wasn’t impressed at all. The show had a lot of potential and room for growth, however it seemed to have lost  its way very early on and never recovered. 

 I wanted so badly to like ‘Dollhouse” and for awhile there I had a lot of hope, that  I am sad to say eventually turned to disappointment, but I hung in there determined to see it to the end.

There have been rumors that a lot of the problems with Dollhouse were due to Fox's inability to leave Whedon alone to do what he does best, write and develop wonderful well rounded characters. Whether or not Fox presumed interferance  and/or Whedon's inability to sell what some perceived as slavery and/or prostitution to the viewers  played a part in the eventual cancellation is not very clear.

The biggest problem for me, however was casting Eliza Dushku to play the lead character Echo.  Dushku’s talent is pretty much limited to tough kick ass girl, which in essence makes her quite one-dimensional in the acting arena. Therefore, when we needed to believe Echo as a mother, wife, hostage negotiator, jewel thief, backup singer, and etc, it just didn’t work due to her lack of range.

The one thing Whedon did get right was the supporting actors, who demonstrated time after time a tremendous range and believability. I would like to give special recognition to those particular actors Harry Lennix (Body Langton), Enver Gjokaj (Victor), Dichen Lachman (Sierra) and Alan Tudyk (Alpha) for being the only thing constantly good about “Dollhouse”.  I really look forward to seeing them in their future projects

  This review of Dollhouse is written without any disrespect toward Joss Whedon and I will  tune in for his next project. Why? Because I just can’t believe so many people could be wrong about Whedon being such a great talent. But if my next experience is  as bad as my “Dollhouse” one, I will just have to believe that Joss Whedon’s style of writing just isn’t my cup of tea.

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