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Released by Jo Garfein/TV Squad

These choices all represent familiar faces and memorable characters with emotional resonance and notable entrances/departures.

Andrea GabrielAndrea Gabriel
'Lost' Character:
Nadia, Sayid's lifelong love. From a daring rescue in Iraq to a tearful reunion after Oceanic Six rescue and a horrific hit-and-run death, Sayid and Nadia are the doomed version of Desmond and Penny. In the Flash Sideways, Nadia was married to Sayid's brother, and it remains to be seen if Sayid will ever live happily ever after with his Constant.
Where She Is Now: Gabriel started her career in episodes of soap operas like 'All My Children' and 'Another World.' She recently had a guest stint on 'House' and will appear in the pilot of the new TBS series 'In Security.'

Jon GriesJon Gries

'Lost' Character:
Roger Linus, Ben's miserable father and Dharma janitor. Forcing his son Benjamin to grow up on the island while he consumed Dharma beers and blamed him for the death of mother Emily, Roger was never a candidate for Father of the Year. Sayid shot young Ben during a time shift back to the 1970's Dharmaville, and Roger later shot Sayid when he tried to escape. In the Flash Sideways, Ben takes care of his father and they seem to have a far better relationship.
Where He Is Now: A regular on the now-defunct series 'The Pretender,' Gries appeared on 'Supernatural' and 'Cold Case' but will always be known as Uncle Rico from 'Napoleon Dynamite' (not to mention Lazlo in 'Real Genius').

Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg

'Lost' Character:
Seth Norris, the original and Flash Sideways pilot of Oceanic Flight 815. Although Frank Lapidus was supposed to captain that flight on Sept. 22, 2004, Norris was fated to fly that plane, crash on the island and be the first victim of the Black Smoke Monster.
Where He Is Now: In addition to his real-life role as J.J. Abrams' BFF, Grunberg plays Matt Parkman on 'Heroes' and is the drummer in a charitable jam band full of television stars called Band From TV. Grunberg rose to fame in 'Felicity' and 'Alias,' and recently joined the cast of the new NBC series 'Love Bites.'

Evan HandlerEvan Handler

'Lost' Character:
Dave, Hurley's imaginary friend from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. In season 2, Dave appeared on the island to play mind games with Hurley and convince him that everything that has happened is all in his head.
Where He Is Now: Handler, who co-stars in 'Californication' on Showtime, returns to the big screen soon as Charlotte's husband in 'Sex and the City 2.' He is also the author of the book 'It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive,' an autobiographical look at his successful journey to overcome acute leukemia.

Zeliko IvanekZeljko Ivanek

'Lost' Character:
Dr. Edmund Burke, Juliet's ex-husband. Before being literally thrown under the bus after Juliet's vocal wishful thinking ... and a little help from Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom ... Edmund wanted to share credit for Juliet's medical breakthrough. It is safe to say that Juliet's romantic choices drastically improved after that, from Goodwin to Sawyer.
Where He Is Now: Ivanek is a chameleon actor and and has recently appeared on 'Big Love' and 'Damages.' He is also part of the ensemble cast of the new NBC series 'The Event.'

Swoosie KurtzSwoosie Kurtz

'Lost' Character:
Emily Locke, John's mother. Teenage Emily abandoned John at birth, giving him up for adoption only to find him as an adult in order to scam him for a kidney donation to his long-lost father. In addition to Hurley and Libby, Emily Locke also spent time at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, and was treated for schizophrenia.
Where He Is Now: Kurtz was on 'Sisters' for five seasons and played Lily Charles on 'Pushing Daisies.' She recently made a guest appearance on 'Chuck' and was just cast on the new Chuck Lorre show 'Mike and Molly,'

William MapotherWilliam Mapother
'Lost' Character:
Ethan Rom, Claire's kidnapper and the last known baby to be conceived on the island and survive the birth. Parents Horace and Amy Goodspeed were in the Dharma Initiative, but at some point during his later teenage years, Ethan broke away to be with Ben and the Others. He became a surgeon and was tasked with kidnapping Oceanic 815 crash survivor Claire because she was pregnant, but lost his life after her friends refused to let him take her for a second time.
Where He Is Now: Mapother gained acclaim in the independent film 'In the Bedroom' and was recently in episodes of both 'Human Target' and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent.' He was in 'The Burrowers' with his Dharma dad Doug Hutchison. And yes, Mapother happens to be Tom Cruise's cousin.

Cheech MarinCheech Marin

'Lost' Character:
David Reyes -- Hurley's dad. While he abandoned his son at a young age, he resurfaced after Hurley won the lottery and attempted to reconnect. David helped Hurley and Sayid when they were in danger after being rescued as two of the Oceanic Six.
Where He Is Now: One half of the stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong, Marin was recently in Robert Rodriguez's 'Grindhouse' along with Jeff Fahey, and will also appear in Rodriguez's film 'Machete.'

Mark PellegrinoMark Pellegrino

'Lost' Character:
Jacob, the island's spiritual leader. Although the epic battle between Jacob and the Man in Black has been toted as good vs. evil, it is still unclear exactly which side Jacob is playing ... even from the great beyond. He was killed by Ben Linus at the behest of the Man in Black (in the form of dead John Locke, his newly acquired body and soul). At various points in the lives of those on Oceanic 815, Jacob visited a select few to make contact and ensure that they follow their destiny. One of them will be the final Candidate, and replace him as the island's true leader.
Where He Is Now: Pellegrino played Rita's ex-husband on 'Dexter' and recently appeared on 'The Mentalist.' In juicy opposition to his current role on 'Lost,' Pellegrino is Lucifer on 'Supernatural.'

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