Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Released by Lisa Conn

Southern belle no more …Bachelorette Emily went West Virginia on his ass!

Emily Maynard finally fully sheds her too perfect image and gets real. I have enjoyed Emily on her season of the Bachelorette much more than when she was one of the girls vying for Brad Womak’s affection on The Bachelor. She was the girl every girl loves to hate on The Bachelor but on her season as The Bachelorette she has stopped being portrayed as little miss perfect and started being real/down-to-earth and actually seems like a cool chick I would want to be friends with. Last night, after telling Kalon she “loved to hear him talk” but to let her finish first, she told him to “get the f*#& out!” after he unapologetically referred to her daughter as “baggage.” I suppose that truth be told, Emily does have some baggage (don’t we all) but she took umbrage with his implication that her daughter was a burden rather than a blessing. Obviously, Kalon was not interested in finding love with Emily and welcoming her and her daughter into his life with open arms. As such, Emily kicked him to the proverbial curb. It was greatly satisfying and a nice change from the last Bachelorette where we all were forced to painfully watch Ashley get made a fool of by Bentley (a name only suitable for a canine). I am sure we have not seen the last of Kalon on reality TV and I hope his butt sees the couch of a shrink as he clearly has some “issues.”

Kalon is not the only wanker among Emily’s suiters. I can hardly stomach looking at Ryan’s face anymore and having to watch Emily kiss him during the Shakespeare play put on during her group date made me gag. I am not sure why the producers of the show feel like they need to do things like offer a lesson in drinking tea or putting on a play. No one watches the show for that kind of crap. We watch the show to see if perhaps there might be love a-brewing. Frankly, I don’t see her settling down with any of these guys.

Last night she had individual dates with Sean and Jef and went on a group date with Ryan, Alejandro, Doug, Chris, Arie, Travis, John (who is this guy, he is never on air) and Kalon. In their individual date, Sean and Emily seemed to have a nice time and Emily really seems smitten by him. There must be more to him than what has been shown so far because I don’t see what she sees. He strikes me as boring and he is self-admittedly picky about women having been on very few dates in the past due to his high standards. He also mentions his faith often. Emily, I smell a judgmental jerk who will probably make you feel bad about yourself. Run. What I have noticed is that Emily seems to want someone who is VERY good looking but also real, sweet, a good provider, a great dad, funny, etc.etc. Someone needs to clue her in that almost never does someone who is exceptionally good looking ever develop the rest of the qualities she wants because they are never forced to.

Next was the group date where the whole “baggage” situation occurred. Other than that, the group date was a snore. Her individual date with Jef. I actually like Jef. He seems genuine and kind. But did any else notice that after his first kiss with Emily she patted him on the shoulder several times. It was not a typical reaction and it makes me think that she sees him as a little brother. I think she probably won’t choose Jef in the end.

During the drinks portion of the Rose Ceremony, Ryan wanted to show Emily that what they have is deep so he gave her a turquoise necklace. Huh? Again, he is just a wanker. I was hoping she would send him home so I don’t have to look at him next week. Emily scolded a few of the guys for not sticking up for her during the whole Kalon situation then ended the night by sending Alejandro the mushroom farmer on his way. Hopefully, she ditches Ryan, Travis, and John next and in that order.

 Next week Emily and the fellas go to Croatia. I don’t know much about Croatia so I am excited to learn a little and see what happens in the land of fake TV love.


  1. I too am looking forward to Croatia in the "land of fake TV love." I go back and forth between liking and hating Emily. I think she should have learned her lesson with Brad about finding love on TV. It is one thing to put yourself out there on TV but when you have a child which is going to be impacted by the fame you should really consider doing this and how your child is referenced or shown on TV. Maybe Emily has become like most of the others and is not looking to be a so called celebrity. I think this show has had some good couples, albiet most have broken up, but such is true with relationships in the real world - but it is rare and I don't believe the benefits out weigh the possible bad resulting from being in the public eye. I am not saying that those with children should NOT be on the show but those who do should REALLY think of the impact.

  2. I agree. I have actually been surprised at how much they have shown her daughter on the show.