Monday, June 11, 2012


By Lisa Conn

Sister Wives is still my guilty pleasure despite the fact that it has gotten a little boring lately (especially since Christine stopped being jealous of Robyn and is no longer scorned that she is no longer Kody’s favorite wife). Nevertheless, I am still hooked.

Last night Logan, Mariah, Madison, and Hunter travelled back to Utah on their Spring Break to visit family and friends. During a picnic in chilly weather, Logan scolded his siblings who were complaining about the temperature and told them to, “Man the f*%# up.” I myself am a little loose with this word and so this made me giggle a little. Christine was horrified that Logan used such a vulgar word (Really? Your “husband” sleeps with 3 other women and you’re bothered by a teenager dropping one little f-bomb? Can you say “big picture”?) but Janelle won the coolest polygamist award because she says she will ignore his foul language. This coupled with Janelle’s statement last week that she would gladly accept one of her children if they happen to be homosexual has launched Janelle from my least favorite sister wife to a neck-and-neck race with Meri for top lady.

Later during the family business meeting, Robyn shows off her jewelry designs for their new business “My Sister Wives’ Closet.” Her jewelry designs mostly center around playing with ways to meld together the S and W in sister wives. If she wants to make this necklace as a gift then I think that would be a fine idea, but this as an idea for a business to sell to the general public…? I’m not sure anyone else is going to endorse polygamy by wearing her SW creations? I look forward to next Sunday to see what kind of shenanigans those crazy Brown polygs pull.


  1. I agree on the S and W design. It is not something I would be interested in. I do get a kick out of this show as well. I do like Meri. She is my favorite. I think Kody is very self-centered. He sees himself as the king of this empire of women. I don't know, I just really don't like him. Maybe it is his hair?? This lifestyle is not for me but for others it is fine if that is what you want to be involved in.

  2. I am not feeling the "my sister wives closet" brand name. I mean really. How many Polygamists really are out there looking for jewelry? I dig Janelle for her I love my gay child comment too. I have always wondered where she fit in the story. Cody's first 2 wives seem like friends then he married to chics for the Hot/ditzy chic factor. (not that they are that hot, IMHO)

    The older kids are just getting older and honestly I am just happy Logan is outta his EMO stage. I loved when they showed him holding the new kid and he was all like "awww" I think he turned the corner then.
    Any who I feel ya, I love me some poly folks. I miss good multi marriage TV since Big Love left. So I guess this is my poor man's version. At least it is pseudo reality. If I could only figure out how to make enough money to support my family much less the hen houses he has, (Smirk).

  3. S&W jewelry - really? Who is going to wear such items accept for themselves?

  4. The present products are a good start. I hope to see more - maybe some yellow gold??? I want your adventure to be successful, and it is my opinion you may want to consider branching out. I do not think the prices are too much for the individual pieces. I only wear yellow gold, and it does not have to be solid gold - gold plated last a long time and is much less expensives. I will keep checking the website for new stuff. Best Wishes, Kathy