Friday, June 15, 2012


 Released by Miss TV Girl

Last night we saw the return of Suits and boy did it not disappoint.  When you look back at Season 1 the biggest question the show had you asking was how long could Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) keep their secret from Jessica (Gina Torres), now I must admit I had no idea we would get the answer so soon in the series run. Suits opened its second season with a dinner date between Jessica and Mike, and the cat and mouse game of does she or doesn’t she know began.  Harvey tried to reassure a beyond paranoid Mike that the dinner invite was actually an honor.  All of the most successful Pearson Hardman partners got the same treatment as first years.  To be honest, Harvey had me convinced, I was swearing at the television about how the previews were so misleading, but boy was Harvey and I wrong.

Harvey may have calmed Mike’s nerves, but he knows Jessica well enough to know when she is up to something.  So, when she returns from dinner with Mike, Harvey is waiting with questions. Jessica’s reveal was awesome, just as Harvey is feeling all confident and reassured that she doesn’t know anything, she stops him dead in his tracks and in her words “He may have checked out clean, but I know that kid is full shit, because there may be a record of him graduating from Harvard law, but there is no record of him graduating from any college anywhere on the face of earth” BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Harvey is told to fire Mike, which we all know won’t and didn’t happen.  I love how Harvey can’t admit to himself that he really cares about Mike.

By the way Trevor the so-called best friend, who outed Mike to Jessica, is a despicable human being.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Mike dating Jenny and lying about it was pretty lame, but I feel that Trevor owed it him after all of the times Mike literally saved his ass to hear his side of the story.

Suits looks like it is a off to a great start with this season 2 opener and I can’t wait see what Suits has in store for the rest of the season..

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