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From 2000 to 2007, the world of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the town of Stars Hollow, Conn., captivated the imagination of television viewers. 'Gilmore Girls' started on the WB, ended on the CW, and today lives on in syndication and DVD as one of the most charming, whimsical and poignant shows about family relations.

The reruns every weekend on SoapNet have also shown how many wonderful performers were part of 'Gilmore Girls,' and how many have gone on to continued success in other television programs. Here's a round up of the stars and where you can see them now:

Alexis Bledel: Growing up on television isn't always kind, but few did it as effortlessly as Alexis. She was the quintessential overachiever as Rory. Even before the show ended, Bledel was branching out with movies like 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' and 'Tuck Everlasting.' In 2009, she did a short stint as Dr. Julia Wise on 'ER,' and is continuing to pursue a film career.

lauren_graham_parenthood_nbcLauren Graham: As hot mom Lorelai, Lauren Graham was a screwball comic heroine in the tradition of Rosalind Russell, talking fast while showing depth and vulnerability. Since the show wrapped, Graham appeared in a few films that failed to live up to her talents, like 'Because I Said So' and 'Flash of Genius.' She stepped in for Maura Tierney in NBC's 'Parenthood' and has been wonderful as screwed-up single mom Sarah Braverman. Do we smell an Emmy?

Melissa McCarthy: She was Lorelai's best friend, Sookie, then went on to be Samantha's best friend Dena on 'Samantha Who?' but in her new CBS sitcom 'Mike and Molly,' McCarthy steps out from the sidekick role to be the star of the show. The new fall comedy from 'Two and a Half Men' and 'Big Bang Theory' mastermind Chuck Lorre has all the earmarks of a hit.

Scott Paterson: On 'Gilmore Girls,' Paterson was sensitive macho man Luke Danes. He appeared during the show's entire run and since the end the series, he's been in two shows -- 'Aliens in America' and '90210' -- as well as reprising his role as Agent Strahm in the 'Saw' films. This fall, he'll star on the mysterious, action-packed new NBC fall series, 'The Event.'

Kelly Bishop: The ultimate 'Gilmore Girl' was really Emily, Lorelai's mother. As played by Kelly Bishop she was an imposing presence. In the years since the end of the show, Bishop's appeared on both 'Law & Order: SVU' and 'Mercy' in multiple-episode arcs.

Edward Hermann
Like Kelly Bishop, Edward Hermann brought dignity and authority to his role as family patriarch Richard Gilmore, not to mention great humor and class. He works constantly and appeared on 'Grey's Anatomy' as Dr. Norman Shales, and more recently on 'Law & Order: SVU.'

the_good_wife_cbs_julianna_marguliesMatt Czuchry:
For the last three years of 'Glimore Girls,' Czuchry played the man in Rory's life -- Logan Huntzberger, , a spoiled newspaper heir more interested in fun that his future. After a brief turn on 'Friday Night Lights' as a Christian radio host, Czuchry emerged this past season as Cary on 'The Good Wife.' Despite his character being fired at the end of the season, he will continue on the show as Alicia's adversary in the state attorney's office.

Milo Ventimiglia:
Most people know him best as Peter Petrelli on 'Heroes,' but his first claim to fame was as bad boy Jess on 'Gilmore Girls.' The WB tried to spin off the character, but if didn't click. However, Ventimiglia was really on target as the power-absorbing Peter on 'Heroes,' even when his character veered from good to bad and back again. Also while doing 'Heroes,' the actor played Rocky's son in the last of Sylvester Stallone's franchise, 'Rocky Balboa.'

Jared Padelecki: As Dean on 'Gilmore Girls,' Padelecki spent 63 episodes chasing Rory, catching her and then losing her in the midst of her transition to Yale and his doomed high school marriage. He was a star on the rise and CW paired him with Jensen Ackles in the sci-fi series 'Supernatural.' The combo worked perfectly and as brothers, they're both still thriving on the show, which is going into its sixth season.

Keiko Agena:
As much as Rory grew in the years 'Gilmore Girls' was on the air, so did her best friend, Lane Kim. Like Bledel, Agena was on 'ER' and more recently guested on 'Private Practice' and 'Castle.'

Sean Gunn:
Character in Stars Hollow like Kirk added to the charm of 'Gilmore Girls.' Gunn was endearingly annoying as the town nuisance. Currently, Sean's been all over TV as the commercial pitch man for KGB. Here's one of his ads:

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