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"Everwood" was one of the WB's most beloved family dramas. The series followed Dr. Andy Brown and his two kids, Ephram and Delia, as they adjusted to their life in Everwood, a small Colorado hamlet, after the death of Julia Brown. To honor his wife's wishes, Dr. Brown left his high-profile medical career and transplanted his kids from New York City to Everwood.

The series ran for four years; it met its end when WB/UPN merged in 2006. When word came of the cancellation, 'Everwood' fans rallied to save their show and erected a Ferris wheel in Los Angeles to mimic the series finale.

'Everwood' has been slowly released on DVD. The most recent set, season 3, hit shelves on June 15, five years after it aired. Tell me I'm not alone in 'Everwood' nostalgia and join me for a return to the sleepy Colorado town with this "Where Are They Now?" (Cue the swelling piano and violin cords of the theme song.)

Treat WilliamsTreat Williams: As the bearded Dr. Andy Brown, Williams received praise for being the dad part of one of the most realistic father/son relationships on TV. Dr. Brown constantly clashed with his son Ephram and butted heads somewhat lovingly with his comic foil, Dr. Harold Abbott. After 'Everwood,' Williams shaved the beard and guested on 'Brothers & Sisters,' before landing a TNT drama, 'Heartland.' The medical drama didn't stick and Williams appeared in a handful of TV movies, including 'Safe Harbor.' Williams has roles in several films releasing in late 2010 such as 'Howl' and 'Earthbound.'

Gregory SmithGregory Smith: The second half the dynamic father/son duo, Smith regularly made girls swoon as the emotionally distraught Ephram Brown. Since 'Everwood,' Smith has done a handful of flicks, such as 'Closing the Ring,' 'Boot Camp' and 'In My Pocket.' However, Smith didn't leave TV behind. The young actor did an episode of 'Eli Stone' and he's a series regular on ABC's new cop drama 'Rookie Blue' (Thu., 9PM ET on ABC). Look for Smith in the upcoming thriller 'Dream House' with Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts.

Emily VanCampEmily VanCamp: As Amy Abbott, the on-again/off-again girlfriend (but always one true love of Ephram), VanCamp became the girl fans either wanted or wanted to be. After the WB series ended, VanCamp did a guest stint on 'Law & Order: SVU,' but she soon reunited with her former boss, 'Everwood' creator Greg Berlanti, on his ABC hit 'Brothers & Sisters.' VanCamp has been a regular on that series since 2007. She also appeared in the Canadian 'Ben Hur' miniseries as Esther and has a role in the upcoming film 'Norman.'

Debra MooneyDebra Mooney: The raspy-voiced Mooney played Edna Harper, mom to Dr. Abbott and nurse to Dr. Brown. She was a war veteran and didn't let anybody forget that. After 'Everwood,' Mooney went on to be a serial guest star. She appeared on 'Pushing Daisies,' several episodes of 'The Closer' and 'Boston Legal.' Up next is a role in 'The Last Godfather,' a film about a mafia boss training his mentally-impaired son to be his successor.

John BeasleyJohn Beasley: Edna Harper's beau, Irv, served as the series' narrator and often as the moral adviser to several of the characters. Beasley got into acting in his mid-40s, and after 'Everwood' he appeared in 'NCIS,' 'Boston Legal,' 'CSI: Miami' and Tyler Perry's film 'Daddy's Little Girls.' Beasley started the John Beasley Theater & Workshop, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to plays written by or featuring African Americans. In 2008, he appeared in August Wilson's 'Fences' at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Vivien CardoneVivien Cardone:
Delia Brown, the young daughter of Dr. Brown, adjusted to life in Everwood a little easier than her brother, but she did experience her share of growing pains. After 'Everwood,' Cardone shot a movie, 'All Roads Lead Home,' which also featured Peter Boyle's last acting role. She recently appeared in an April 2010 episode of 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent.'

Chris PrattChris Pratt: Bright Abbott was the thorn in Ephram's side, but the two eventually became good friends and roommates as Bright's character developed over the four years. Pratt quickly went from 'Everwood' to the 'The O.C.,' where he played Ché, a classmate of Summer's at Brown University. He's had supporting roles in several films, including 'Bride Wars' and 'Wanted,' but can now regularly be seen on NBC's 'Parks & Recreation' as Andy Dwyer. Pratt dated Emily VanCamp, but eventually married actress Anna Faris in 2009. He can be seen alongside his wife in 2011's 'Young Americans.'

Tom AmandesTom Amandes: Dr. Harold Abbott was once the only doctor in Everwood, but then Dr. Brown showed up. The two were rivals, friends and then business partners. Amandes was a familiar face to viewers even before his time on 'Everwood.' After the series wrapped, he appeared on a bevy of shows including 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' 'Big Love,' 'Grey's Anatomy' and several episodes of 'Eli Stone.' He recently had a recurring role as Max's doctor on 'Parenthood' and popped up on an episode of Fox's 'The Good Guys.' Up next is the film 'Lucky' with Colin Hanks and Mimi Rogers.

Stephanie NiznikStephanie Niznik: Nina Feeney was the friendly neighbor to the Browns. She often acted as both the shoulder to cry on and adviser to Dr. Brown before the two finally officially got together in the series finale. Niznik went on to appear in the short-lived CW drama 'Life Is Wild' and showed up on several long-running dramas such as 'CSI: Miami,' 'Lost' and 'Grey's Anatomy.' Her last credited film work was 2009's 'The Twenty.'

Merrilyn GannMerrilyn Gann:
As Rose Abbott, Gann was often the anchor that kept Dr. Abbott grounded. Gann went on to guest star on 'Supernatural,' lent her voice to 'Barbie and the Three Musketeers' and played the German chancellor in '2012.' She recently popped up on the CW series 'Life Unexpected' and the Hallmark Channel TV movie 'Freshman Father.'

Scott WolfScott Wolf:
Audiences already knew Wolf before he appeared on 'Everwood' as Dr. Jake Hartman from his days on 'Party of Five.' Wolf's Dr. Hartman became Nina's boyfriend for a time, but was eventually ditched when Dr. Brown proposed to Nina. After 'Everwood,' Wolf appeared in 'The Nine,' ABC's short-lived bank robbery drama. Wolf is now appearing as journalist Chad Decker on ABC's 'V,' which despite falling ratings was picked up for a second season airing in 2011.

Sarah DrewSarah Drew:
Drew's Hannah was the meek bookworm love interest for Bright Abbott. Drew is an accomplished stage and screen actress, having appeared in a handful of plays, including Broadway's 'Vincent in Brixton,' prior to being cast on 'Everwood.' Since the show wrapped, Drew has appeared on 'Glee' as Suzy Pepper, 'Mad Men,' 'Medium' and a dozen other programs. Her recurring role on 'Grey's Anatomy' was recently expanded to series regular.

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