Sunday, September 27, 2009


Released by Danny Gallagher/TV Squad

The third season follows Moody as he navigates his way through the student body of a local college as an English professor, his relationship with his growing teenage daughter Becca and the rest of his other relationships -- or at least the ones that alcohol hasn't erased from his memory.

The season opens with Hank, played by David Duchovny, stuck on making a buck by selling his new novel, through his newly rehired agent Charlie, played by Evan Handler. Charlie has found new employment as a commission-only manager after being fired from his old firm for being too firm on himself on the job. If you don't know what I mean, go watch the second season. Please don't make me explain it.

Hank is offered/forced into a job at the local big U as a professor to aspiring writers with a penchant for bad vampire fiction and others who are just looking to knock out another elective. It's an English course, so naturally, Hank could fall asleep on the job and still draw a decent paycheck. Luckily, there are many young and nubile youngin's to keep him and other various parts thereof up in between classes.

Charlie is also finding himself in between a rock and a (ahem) hard place. He's divorcing his guttermouth wife Marcy, played by Pamela Adlon, whom he may or may not still have feelings for. He's also working under perpetually horny super-agent Sue Collini, played by Kathleen Turner, who doesn't take no for an answer when she's behind, under or on top of her desk.

The most interesting relationship by far is the one Hank has with his now-teenage daughter Becca, played by Madeleine Martin, who is under his care after her mother heads for New York. She's starting to get into all those crazy habits that teenagers find themselves in, like sex, drugs and booze, so Hank has to keep her on the straight and narrow without having to give up sex, drugs and booze.

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