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Warning: This article contains loads of Dexter spoilerly goodness—while we are dying for you to keep reading, we feel it is only appropriate to give you advanced notice.

That said, did you love it or did you love it?

We told you the fourth-season premiere of Dexter was amazing, and now we're treating you to exclusive scoop on what's coming up on the wickedly good series.

The supersexy (and even sweeter) David Ramsey, Deb's doting boyfriend Anton, chatted with us before the premiere, and now—after its record-breaking ratings (Showtime's highest ever)—we can finally fill you in on everything! What will Frank Lundy's (Keith Carradine) return mean for Anton and Deb? Will Anton find out Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) secret? Read on.

Anton is back, and we love it! How's everything going on Dexter?
Anton's a great character. I get to be cool and sing and play the guitar and have sex with Jennifer Carpenter (Debra). What the hell? What else can I ask for?

Well put, David. When you joined the series last season, did you ever expect it would have such a huge impact on your career?

I had no idea the fan base was so huge. I thought it had this low-key, dark following—and it does, but it's really a mainstream show. Everywhere I go, it's like,
"Anton, Anton, how's your back?" And I'm like, "It's a TV show."

Speaking of your back, please tell us it's safe and sound this season.
I don't get skinned again.

Phew! So, what exactly is Anton up to this year?
Things get hotter between me and Debra. She moves in, but there's some strain on the relationship. There are some things from the past, her past, that come back. Am I saying too much?

Not even close. We know that Frank Lundy is back now. Is that the "past" you're referring to?
It is Lundy and the self-deprecating psyche of [her entire] family that causes the huge strain. The Morgans have some serious issues. Between that and the former lover, it causes some major drama between Anton and Debra. The major strain is Debra's doing. You're not going to find some other woman with Anton. He really is a regular guy—maybe a little too regular. There are unanswered questions between Debra and Frank and a really strong attraction there. But Anton represents a certain amount of happiness and settlement and ease for Debra, and it's just something the Morgans are not accustomed to.

No! Deb finally seems happy. She's also desperate to find out who Harry cheated on her mother with. Is that also a factor pulling her away from you?
That plays into the season at large, yes, but a bigger problem is Debra's sense of her own self-worth. She doesn't feel like she's worthy of anything good...and Anton is a character that is just taking life as it comes. He is very relaxed, he's a pot-smoking guitarist who'll go around the world six months, come back and play. He can do this until he's 75 and be completely happy, and that's refreshing to Debra. But it's also a reminder that she is immensely uncomfortable with herself. And that psychology really reaches a pitch in the first few episodes. When Lundy returns, it just facilitates that.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Hmmm, not sure we like the sound of that. By the way, is Anton still just a "pot-smoking guitarist"?
We're not going to bring that out too much more, we did enough last season. This season is really about how these two are loved and what comes between them. What really are the dramatics of what happens to this love. I won't say it's completely gone, but...
[Seriously, read on at your own risk

David, you're killing us! Can this love survive? We really aren't ready to lose Anton on our Sunday-night lineup!

Yes, it can. Anton is the best thing that happened to Deb—he's her zen. He's the calm in the storm and Debra needs that, but she has a lot of issues to work out. I think it's going to take her losing Anton to ultimately find out what she has. Does Anton have a place in her heart and a place to really flush out a long-lasting relationship? Yes.

Oh. My. God. This is too much.
There's room for absolute marriage between Anton and Debra. She loves him enough to move in that direction. Does it happen in this season? No. Can it happen? Yes. They are strong enough to survive that. I think it's going to be her choice. Anton is absolutely there, but it's going to be her recognizing she's worthy of that kind of love.

Are we going to see Anton outside of his relationship this season? Any interactions with Dex or the Trinity Killer?
You're not going to see him on the road much. Obviously, whatever happens with Anton and Deb has to facilitate what's going on with Dexter. This is Dexter's show. I don't have much to do with John (Lithgow) or Dexter this season. I think that's forthcoming. Maybe down the pipeline Anton, much like Frank Lundy, kind of comes back and facilitates this story of Dexter. Last season, he really did get involved with his storyline, because he was abducted by the Skinner.

We see you have some movies coming up, too. Tell us a little about them.
Mother and Child is a great piece, amazing cast. I'm playing Kerry Washington's husband—give me a break! And Nailed is a political satire. I'm kind of playing Jake Gyllenhaal's nemesis. It's another fun, fun role.

Now to ask you a completely obvious question, are you happy being a part of such an incredible show like Dexter?
Being able to have writers respect your character and talent, to have something new to do every week, is a great privilege. Dexter is a very well-oiled machine, it's just a great show and great to be part of. They really flushed my character out, which a lot of people playing guest stars don't get. There's good, big, meaty, chunky scenes of dialogue between me and Debra, and I can't ask for anything more than that. That's a day's work for me.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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