Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Released by  Miss TV Girl

As we near the finale for "Big Brother " season 11 CBS announced today that it has ordered another edition of the hit reality series for broadcast in the summer 2010. The three-times-a-week series has once again turned into a summer sensation, growing its audience both on-air and online for the CBS Television Network and CBS Interactive platforms.

Although I have had some serious issues with the current installment this is great news for us "Big Brother" fans.

Now don't get me wrong my issues with Big Brother 11 has nothing to do with production, it has more to do with the casting of the Houseguests this season. I have never seen such annoying people in my life. I know I maybe way to invested in a reality show, but for the final three remaining houseguest to be the biggest floaters in Big Brother history really upsets me.

I know what you are thinking, Miss TV Girl really needs to get a life , and this may be true, but after a season like Big Brother 10 and the phenomenal way that more than half of the houseguests played the game this season is insulting.

No one and I mean no one played a good game. The final three are sitting there because of luck and when I say luck I mean Jeff. Jeff decided to pair with Jordan one of the weakest players in the house and if that wasn't a bad move in itself, once he had complete control of the game due to the America's Vote, he decides to leave his final four commitment and pair up with Natalie and Kevin the two people in house who have wanted him gone from day one.

Did I mention that their feelings toward Jeff were never a secret to him? Dumb!!!

I could go on and on about the questionable mental stability of this years houseguest but I wont. What I will say is that I can not wait for another summer of "Big Brother" .

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  1. Yeah girl, none of the finals since Jeff was evicted can say they've played a good game. Seems
    like the best LIARS are there. And @ Jeff,
    mercy, mercy me. What happened to him? He as you said already, decided to believe in his known haters! I was most disappointed. Dumb isn't strong enough word to describe that move.

    Hey, thanks for allowing me to vent. Believe it or not, I know no one else who watches Big Brother. I can hardly wait for next season though!