Saturday, September 19, 2009


 Released by Miss TV Girl

Three-time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown, who rejoined "General Hospital" as Claudia Zacchara, a different character in January, will be leaving the show in October

The actress relayed the news to her fans via Twitter, saying, "It's been nice being back at GH, but it's time for the character to come to an end, at least for me."

ABC has confirmed her exit from the soap.

I am personally a big fan of Sarah Brown and her stint as the original Carly. What she brought to that character and the chemistry between her and Steve Burton(Jason) was at the time and for the most part the best daytime television had to offer. I honestly still watch their scenes on YouTube.

Now, when I first heard that Sarah Brown was returning to "General Hospital" I didn't know
how to react because I have really enjoyed Laura Wright as the 4th and in my opinion the best actress to play the very popular character Carly. But then it was reported that she would not be playing the role of Carly, but that of Claudia Zacchara. To be very honest I never and I mean never really cared for that character and/or Sarah Brown in the role.

I will not miss Claudia at all, but I am sad to see Sarah Brown leave. Maybe she will return to prime time TV. I thought that she had made a great transition out of the soap world and I was a little surprise to see her return to "General Hospital".

Good Luck Sarah, and I hope to see you very soon in Primetime.

I only say Primetime because "General Hospital" is where I draw the line when it comes to watching soap operas. I can pretty much promise you once Steve Burton says Goodbye to the soap world I will follow.

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  1. I agree Miss TV Girl. I love Sarah Brown and don't understand why she is a soap actress, she sould be acting in primetime if not movies...she is an amazing actress!