Friday, August 13, 2010


Released by Miss TV Girl

The 21st season of  Survivor will take place on the shores of Nicaragua and it's a battle of the ages.  The reality show will pit 10 castaways age 30 and younger against 10 castaways 40 and older.

Here is a look at the new castaways and yes the rumors were true legendary football Dallas Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson is a castaway

Espada Tribe:

Jill BehmJill Behm
Age: 43
Current Residence: Erie, Penn.
Occupation: ER doctor

Jane BrightJane Bright
Age: 56
Current Residence: Jackson Springs, N.C.
Occupation: Dog trainer

Tyrone DavisTyrone Davis
Age: 42
Current Residence: Inglewood, Calif.
Occupation: Fire captain

Wendy DeSmidt-KohloffWendy DeSmidt-Kohloff
Age: 48
Current Residence: Fromberg, Mont.
Occupation: Goat farmer

Holly HoffmanHolly Hoffman
Age: 44
Current Residence: Eureka, S.D.
Occupation: Swim coach

Jimmy JohnsonJimmy Johnson
Age: 67
Current Residence: Islamorada, Fla.
Occupation: Sports broadcaster

Dan LemboDan Lembo
Age: 63
Current Residence: Watermill, N.Y.
Occupation: Real estate executive

Marty PiomboMarty Piombo
Age: 48
Current Residence: Mill Valley, Calif.
Occupation: Technology executive

Yve RojasYve Rojas
Age: 41
Current Residence: Kansas City, Mo.
Occupation: Homemaker

James TarantinoJames "Jimmy T" Tarantino
Age: 48
Current Residence: Gloucester, Mass.
Occupation: Fisherman

La Flor Tribe:

Jud BirzaJudson "Jud" Birza
Age: 21
Current Residence: Venice, Calif.
Occupation: Student

Kelly BrunoKelly Bruno
Age: 26
Current Residence: Durham, N.C.
Occupation: Medical student

Shannon ElkinsShannon Elkins
Age: 30
Current Residence: Lafayette, La.
Occupation: Pest control company owner

Ben HenryBen "Benny" Henry
Age: 24
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Club promoter

Matthew LenahanMatthew "Sash" Lenahan
Age: 30
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Real estate broker

Brenda LoweBrenda Lowe
Age: 27
Current Residence: Miami, Fla.
Occupation: Paddleboard company owner

NaOnka MixonNaOnka Mixon
Age: 27
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Physical education teacher

Chase RiceChase Rice
Age: 24
Current Residence: Fairview, N.C.
Occupation: Pro race car jackman

Kelly ShinnKelly Shinn
Age: 20
Current Residence: Mesa, Ariz.
Occupation: Nursing student

Alina WilsonAlina Wilson
Age: 23
Current Residence: Downey, Calif.
Occupation: Art student

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