Saturday, November 21, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

Within a few weeks, All My Children will be turning over a new leaf, officially making the move west to new studios in Los Angeles. Most actors are making the move. Some are not. And today ABC informed the head writer, Charles Pratt Jr., that he's been let go. If he had his suitcases packed, well, sorry about that.

Chuck Pratt was hired with some fanfare in June 2008. He was a big hire because his resume is filled with flashy successes, including Desperate Housewives, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, Ugly Betty, Santa Barbara and General Hospital, among others. Pratt was supposed to revive All My Children to its former luster, but -- alas -- it hasn't happened.

It's hard to say exactly what went wrong, but some of Pratt's seminal changes in the show have not been greeted with fan support. It was Pratt's decision to kill off Adam's sweet twin brother Stuart, a character that defined the word beloved when you're talking about Pine Valley characters. The reveal took months to unfold and it's been pretty torturous.

Fans on the message boards are thrilled with the news of Pratt's exit. They've been ticked off with his storylines and, apparently, the idea of a new writer guiding the new West Coast AMC is a popular one. Who that new head writer is, however, has

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