Friday, November 20, 2009



Released by Miss TV Girl

"Curb Yor Enthusiasm" wraps up its season this Sunday with an episode that also brings the shows's current "Seinfeld" arc to an end.

Seeing the four actors together plus after so many years has been a complete joy. I am really looking forward to the finale which HBO is promising "Finally... a funny finale. Which directly points out how most people were really diappointed by the real "Seinfeld" finale and plays off something that's been going on with "Curb" where everyone but Larry David acknowledges that the finale was a not good.

So Sunday night I will be tuning in to see if Larry's usual reunion cause this so-called reunion to crash and burn.

This by far has been one of "Curbs" best if not most outrageous and borderline offensive seasons ever. I sure hope Larry Daivd does'nt wait another 3+ years to return for a another season.

Above is a sneak peek clip from Sunday night season finale.

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