Monday, November 2, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

I am very upset to announce that Adrian Pasdar has been let go from NBC's Heroes, sources confirm to

There have been rumors circulating for weeks about a major character's death and departure .  Now, I never assumed that it would be Nathan Petrelli. Why? Because at the end of Season 3, his throat was slit by Sylar, but Pasdar remained in the cast because supervillain Sylar was forced  to take on the form and memories of Nathan.

This idea of killing Nathan Petrelli is just insane. I swear to you Nathan has dies in every season of "Heroes".  It is storylines like this that have caused the show to lose so many viewers.  I still love and watch the show, but moves like this make it very hard for me to defend that stance. 

I must admit that I maybe a little bias because Nathan along with Sylar are two of the main reasons I tune in every week.  Once again I must say I am very upset with this decision.

Now that Sylar has his body back and the last time we saw the new Nathan, he had been shot and buried. 
I wonder how will "Heroes" say goodbye to Nathan Petrelli for the 4th time. 

It will also be interesting to see how this will affect Peter and Claire.

I guess with a show like "Heroes" there could still be hope that I will see Nathan Petrelli again.

What do you think of  "Heroes" killing off Nathan?

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