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Tonight's episode of Heroes was the best of the season.  A lot was accomplished in "Brother's Keeper", Sylar got his body (if not his memories) back; Nathan found his real (dead) body; Peter learned the truth about Nathan/Sylar, Tracy and Claire bonded, and  Hiro helped saved a seemingly ungreatful Suresh.

As a fan and sometimes harch critic of "Heroes" I was so glad to see so many of the original heroes together again in one episode.

I really enjoyed the bonding scenes between Claire and Tracy, who would have ever seen that coming. I think that Claire did give Tracy some bad advice by encouraging her to seek out Samuel.  Did Claire forget that her dream of having a normal college life was pretty much brought to a halt by Samuel and his "niece".

I wasn't really happy to see the retunn of Suresh, he is my least favorite character and by far the most annoying.  He always figures out a way to make things worse(tipping Samuel off that he had greater powers). I was also disappointed, but not surprised by his normally self -rightous behaviour  when he refused to help Hiro save Charlie.  I kid you not I practically did a happy dance when Hiro sent him to a mental asylum.  Hopfully he will stay there for the whole eight weeks.

It was also interesting to learn that Samuel endgame is to  gather all of the superpowered heroes, so that he can make himself 10,000 times more powerful. Let us not forget this is a man who can crumble buildings with the twist of a wrist. I still believe that there is so much more to learn about Samuel and his intentions.

Now for the best part of tonight's episode.  The big reveal to Nathan and Peter that Sylar is alive and kicking. I am so glad that "Heroes" did not drag out the whole Nathan/Sylar secret.  The scenes in the hospital room with Nathan,Peter, Sylar, and Parkman were great.

Zachary Quinto has truly embodied the character of Sylar.  I am truly shocked that he has not gotten an Emmy nomination for his brilliant portrayal of Sylar .

I though that Adrian Pasdar was really strong in this episode.  Now I guess the real question is, how long will it take for the real Sylar to break through the Nathan facade and how will Peter handle the lost of his  beloved brother.

side note:  Very surprising to see Nathan's body sitting in a storage room. Does that mean that my Nathan may have a chance of  re-entering his own body, dare I dream.

Check out the below clip for a glimpse of  the big reveal.

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