Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

The whole house has figured out that Ronnie has been lying and scheming against everybody. What did I say from the beginning ? Ronnie was playing the worst game in Big Brother history and his terrible game play would blow up in his face and he would be a goner.

Now don't get me wrong you pretty much have to lie and scheme to win Big Brother but Ronnie went about it totally wrong. He turned on his alliance(The Brains), he lied to his friends(I know they just met), but play along, and he did this out in the open and lets not forget this all happened within the first week. Where is the game strategy? If you know anything about past Big Brother winners lay low, align yourself with 1 or 2 people and stay true, and avoid the drama. Ronnie failed at all of the above.

Unless his group wins HOH or he wins the POV, I will say it again bye bye Ronnie.

The whole house has now turned on him(as if their any better) and he has now locked himself up in the HOH room. He has been crying pretty much all day and Russell is picking on him every chance he gets, like the insecure bully that he has proven himself to be.

I never cared for Ronnie and I didn't understand his game, but I don't approve of a group of people bullying another person into seclusion through intimidation and hostility.

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