Thursday, July 23, 2009




Released by Miss TV Girl

On tonight's live eviction of "Big Brother , Laura was evicted from the house. No surprise there and Jessie won Head of Household. Now we will see if everybody keeps their word and votes Ronnie out. Call me crazy, but I think the Athletes might keep him, which I think would be a bad move for them, but an excellent move for Ronnie. See, if The Athletes keep Ronnie they are going against the whole house and that puts a target on all of them and takes the target off of Ronnie, which would buy Ronnie an extra 2 to 4 weeks because the house would be determined to eliminate 2 of the 4 or all of The Athletes. I think Jeff would get a pass or at least he would be the last to go out of the 4 Athletes.

I honestly think the smartest move is to put up two pawns and backdoor Ronnie.There is nothing gained for the Athletes to keep Ronnie. Now they be dumb enough to assume that as along as Ronnie is in the house the target is off of them. I think that would be a very bad assumption.

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  1. Ronnie was stupid for making up all those lies so early on. Did he not learn from Brian last year? With that said, I hope they keep him. He is a good guy and is really playing the game. More so than some others (Michelle and Kevin come to mind)