Sunday, July 26, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

I just finished watching the first two episodes of "Drop Dead Diva" and to my surprise and delight, I really enjoyed the show. It's perfect for the female target audience of Lifetime.

There is nothing original about the premise of show, "Drop Dead Diva". It is a switcheroo story about a shallow self absorbed model who dies at the exact time as a compassionate and generous plus-sized lawyer and her shallow spirit ends up in the body of a sweet spirit of someone other than her own body.

While watching the show I forgot about the previous versions of this common Hollywood premise that has so often been played out for our entertainment.What makes this version so different and entertaining? The execution and the development of the main and supporting characters.

I am truly interested in getting to know more about these characters and their lives.

I must give a lot of the credit to the lead Brooke Elliott who plays Jane and doesn't miss a beat with her wonderful, sensitive and funny interpretation of this character.

What is bad about "Drop Dead Diva" ? The men are pretty much the eye candy of the hour and not much more. I really do hope to see more development and changes in that area, but then again this is Lifetime "the channel for and about women".

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