Thursday, July 30, 2009


Released by Joel Keller/TV Squad

If the meta-ness of my headline confuses you, I apologize. It's the best way I could phrase it, because it's kind of mind-blowing in concept.

At today's HBO session at the TCAs, Larry David came on stage to talk about the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In it, as we all know, he'll be reuniting the Seinfeld cast on the show. And what will they be doing? They'll be working on... a Seinfeld reunion episode.

"The context is that for years I've been asked about a Seinfeld reunion," said David, "and I'd say no it's a lame idea. And then i thought it might be very funny to
do that on Curb, and I kept thinking about it and different scenarios of how to pull it off."When he talked to Jerry Seinfeld and the cast about it, they were all game. "So doing a Seinfeld reunion show on Curb we'll see writing read through rehearsals show being filmed. You won't see the entire show, you'll see parts of the show get an idea of what happened eleven years later.

"Most of the questions during the panel revolved around the reunion. Will Curb Larry mess things up, as he's been known to do? "He might! My guy could very well wreck it! he might! Not saying he did..." Will they deal with Michael Richards' outburst from a couple of years ago? "Possibly." Why does Curb Larry cave on doing a reunion when real Larry doesn't? "You'll have to watch." How was it getting back in the swing of writing Seinfeldian dialogue? "Surprisingly smooth." How many episodes will the cast be on? Most will do four or five individually, with Jerry being on five. All four of them will only appear on the season finale, which will show them doing table reads and shooting the reunion.

Other guests will include Rosie O'Donnell, who Larry fights to pick up a check -- "Let me tell you something. She's a force. she's very formidable physically." -- and Larry will be doing his usual act of being a well-meaning prick.

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