Sunday, July 12, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

OK, so the killer turned out to be Henry. I truly saw that one coming a mile away but yet and still the finale was great regardless of how predictable. I figured out it was Henry in episode 9 when his brother died. Henry couldn't explain why he was there with his brother and the blood on his clothes, now I thought that was to obvious and the writers were trying to convince the audience that it was Henry so that when the real killer was revealed we would all be shocked.

How right and wrong was I. I personally really enjoyed this program it was suspenseful,disturbing, exciting, and surprisingly bloody for 9:00pm. The actor who played Henry (Christopher Gorham) can call me a fan for life. I was so impressed with his performance and delivery every week. I remember watching him on the show"Popular" way back when.

This was my first time seeing him act since that show. I knew that he was on "Ugly Betty" but I do not watch that program". I so want to start watching now. Good show don't regret giving up 13 hours of my time to see it to the end. Very satisfying.

Once again great performance by Christopher Gorham.

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