Saturday, July 11, 2009



Released by Miss TV Girl

OK I just finished watching the Big Brother premier. The past premieres have never truly been great and nothing has change with this premier. I will say that I do like the new high school twist of splitting the house into high school cliques ( the athletes, the brains the popular,the off-beats). Unlike season 9 when the houseguest were split up into couples and evicted together(the worst twist ever in Big Brother history) the house guest in season 11 will win head of household as a clique and be immune from nomination and/or eviction. All other houseguest will be up for possible nomination and eventual eviction. The season also added a new the twist of bringing back 1 former house guest to join the appropriate clique. Jesse(the bodybuilder) from last season clique "the athletes won the challenge so he was brought back into the house. I truly don't know how I feel about him being back in the house. He is not a very likable person and the arrogance is off the charts due to his obvious insecurities. Hopefully his attitude is better this time around. Now don't get me wrong my favorite seasons have been the ones that the so called bad guy have won(Dr. Will, Evil Dick, and Mike). Jesse just doesn't know how to play the game and is a HUGE cry baby.

The nominations are tonight. It is to early in the game to guess who would have targets on their backs.

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