Thursday, July 30, 2009



Released by Miss TV Girl

On tonight's live eviction of "Big Brother", Casey was evicted from the house. No surprise there, but truly have there been any surprises in the house this season. I am so glad to announce that the powers that be at "Big Brother" have come to the same conclusion and decided to shake some things up in the house. Thank You !!!!!!!!!!

First up, the cliques are no more and the big twist this season is a "Mystery Power" that can be used in the next two weeks. Now the only person who will know the winner of the "Mystery Power" will be the person with the power and America will chose this person.

You ask what is this "Mystery Power"? The power is called the Coup D'Etat and the recipient can overthrow the HOH and get rid of one or both of the nominees, right before the live eviction (do you feel Jessie,Russell, and Natalie shaking in their boots).

Now I have something to look forward to for the next two weeks because the houseguests were really starting to bore me.

Head of Household this Week

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