Saturday, August 8, 2009


Released by Miss TV Girl

Kevin(The Floater) has won the Power of Veto. The players were Chima,Russell, Lydia, Jeff, Natalie, and Kevin.

Kevin has discussed with Chima the possibility of him not using the POV to save Lydia, of course he has reservations about the using the POV that would require him to make a power move and play the game. Lydia has stated that she is alright with staying on the block as a pawn if the votes are really there to vote out Russell. Volunteering to be the pawn is always a mistake. I will admit that however, this year all pawns have remained pawn, but it is still not safe to trust the houseguest when sitting in that nominated seat.

Practically the whole house believes that Jeff has the Coup D'Etat power and Chima is thinking about getting Kevin to use the POV to pull Lydia down, so that she can replace her with Jeff. This move would force Jeff to play his hand and reveal what the mystery power entails.

I know that I keep saying this, but for the life of me I do not understand the houseguest this year. Rather you keep the nominations the same or replace Jeff with Lydia doesn't really make a difference. So how is this some type of "I got you move" by houseguest towards Jeff. Regardless of who is on the block or not, he still has the power to nominate and/or remove anyone of his choice. Although, the other houseguest do not know exactly what the actually mystery power entails they know you can not be evicted if it is in your possession.

In reality Jeff has been the HOH for the past two weeks. Ronnie left the house last week because Jeff wanted him to leave the house and the same will go for the person evicted this week.

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