Friday, August 7, 2009


Russell Lydia

Released by Miss TV Girl

Like a guessed Thursday, because there are no surprises in this predictable"Big Brother" house, Chima nominated Russell and Lydia. She has decided to allow the two of them the chance to fight for the POV.

Jordon(our resident genius) has decided that she wants to pair up with the people in the house who have had a target pointed at her and Jeff's back since day one and vote Russell out. Like I said genius. Now don't get me wrong, I am no fan of Russell, but he did keep his word last week and didn't nominate Jordan or Jeff when his alliance wanted them out.

I think that Jeff is planning to use the "Coup D'Etat" to save Russell if he doesn't win POV. I think this a very smart move because I believe that he will use the power to pull down both Russell and Lydia and replace them with Jessie and Natalie.

I honestly think Jeff should make that move if Jessie or Natalie doesn't win POV. That would be the best play of season.

It is time to shake things up in the "Big Brother" house.

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